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Why under floor heating?

Underfloor heating operates by circulating warm water through a network of continuous loops discreetly installed beneath your flooring. This ingenious setup creates an expansive radiant surface, effectively heating your room from the ground up. This radiant heating method offers superior comfort compared to conventional radiators, which draw in cold air near the floor, heat it, and then convect the warm air upwards towards the ceiling.

Underfloor heating stands out as an energy-efficient solution for room heating, leveraging a substantial radiant floor surface to gently warm the space directly above. This approach proves superior to convected heat generated by traditional radiators, which first pull in cold air from the floor, then heat it and convect the warmed air upward. By relying on underfloor heating, you optimize energy use and enjoy a more comfortable and efficient heating system, ensuring a cozy and evenly heated living space while reducing energy consumption and costs. It’s an eco-friendly choice that enhances both comfort and sustainability in your home.


Comparing under flor heating with traditional radiators.

Benefits of underfloor heating?

Running Costs: Underfloor heating has proven to be 15-40% cheaper to operate than traditional radiators.

Life Expectancy: Typical radiators require replacement every 25 years, while under floor heating systems are expected to outlast the building itself, backed by a 75-year pipework warranty.

Safety: Under floor heating is safer for young children and vulnerable individuals due to its absence of hot surfaces or hard edges.

Health Benefits: Under floor heating, using radiant heat, reduces dust and allergen movement, creating a more comfortable environment for asthma sufferers, ultimately contributing to cleaner homes and improved health.

Maintenance: Under floor heating demands minimal maintenance, contrasting with radiators that require periodic checks and potential inhibitor dosing.

Interior Design: Concealed under floor heating allows for versatile interior design, accommodating furniture configurations and enhancing natural light access through full-height windows.

Programme: A study revealed that under floor heating installation is 15% faster than radiators, potentially advancing project schedules by a month on larger developments.

Heat Source: Under floor heating’s larger surface area enables lower operating temperatures (35-55˚C) compared to radiators (75˚C), enhancing compatibility with renewable energy sources.

Questions about Green Heating

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Green Home with "GreenHeating"

Underfloor heating systems are pivotal in green homes, emphasizing sustainability and energy efficiency. These systems, which circulate warm water or electricity beneath the floor, provide uniform heating, reducing energy waste and maintaining comfort. They lower energy consumption, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and integrate with renewable energy sources, making them eco-friendly.

Underfloor heating also improves indoor air quality, as it eliminates ductwork and associated allergen buildup. Moreover, it aligns with sustainable construction practices, using eco-friendly materials and boasting a longer lifespan, reducing resource consumption.

Embracing underfloor heating systems contributes to sustainable living, benefitting homeowners and the environment, fostering a greener future.